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'Select Edit Text' in this document means single click with the left button on your mouse.


For first time users, please do the following:

Register so you can volunteer and receive email messages.

Select Update My Information and follow directions below.


To Register (one time only):

Select Register located in the upper right of all web pages.

User Name: Can be your full name, first.last, last, etc.

First Name:

Last Name:

Display Name:  First Last

Email Address:  Enter in your email address

Password: Must be at least 7 characters

Select Register at the bottom to complete registration.

Please email the help person (home page) to receive authorization.


To Login:

Select Login located in the upper right of all web pages.

Enter your User Name

Enter your Password

Select the Login button under Password


Update My Information

Select Manage User Credentials to make changes to your name and email address.

Select Manage Password to make changes to your password.

Select Manage Profile to make changes to your personal profile.

Enter in contact information

Select Receive Emails in the Preferences section.

Select all areas that you wish to serve in.


Weekend Registration

To print out a reg. form, select the needed Emmaus/Chrysalis Registration Form.

Open or Save document and then print.


Weekend Volunteers

You must log in before signing up to volunteer during a Weekend.  See 'General' above.

 Select Sign Up next to the Weekend you want to volunteer on. 

A list of all volunteer opportunities will be displayed.

 Under Total indicates the number of volunteers needed for that job. 

Under Filled indicates the number of volunteers signed up. 

If Filled is less than Total, then more volunteers are needed.

 The names of the volunteers currently signed up will be displayed at the bottom area of each job.

 Select Sign Up next to the job you would like to volunteer for. 

Note:  You will automatically be volunteered without any further action.

 Select Details to email Team Leader with questions or a request to be removed as a volunteer.


You will automatically receive an email message as a reminder.


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